Kellen Renstrom

Designer, currently at Wax Studios in New York NY. Focused on editorial, branding, and experiential work in the worlds of art, publishing, and culture. (More info)

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The History and Future of the Demolition Derby Print
OFALT (Thesis) Object, Print, Installation
WeCoLab Studio Identity, Print, Installation, Website
LIVE! bloom Print
Paper weight Object
Travel Specimen Print
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XX (to you) Print
10 Mia Identity
11 Ulysses Print
12 Photo


An illustrated booklet on the past, present, and possible future of demolition derbies, also including the rules of the pit. The typography, design, and production mirror varied essences of the derbies themselves from the dirt pit to the erratic paths of the cars and their violent impacts.

Text and photos by Bill Lowenburg (Crash, Burn, Love, 2004)

4.25”X11” 24 pages
Risograph printing by Caleb Vanden Boom / Bad Press, Chicago IL

Self-intiated, 2019