(Kellen Renstrom) is (a designer) (at home right now) (in New York, NY) (Info) ()

(Kellen Renstrom) can be contacted via → (Email) (Instagram) (Are.na)

(Kellen Renstrom) is available for (mid-weight design positions) (small freelance projects) (commissions) (collaborations) (walks in the park) (etc.)

(Kellen Renstrom) graduated from (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) with → (Graphic Design BFA, 2018)

(Kellen Renstrom) has worked with → (Wax Studios) (Actual Source) (&Walsh) (WeCoLab Studio) (Latitude) (Huge Inc.) (UMN Health Sciences) (Wake Magazine) (Full CV available)

(Kellen Renstrom) has made work for → (Asian American Arts Alliance*) (Google*) (Helena Anrather Gallery) (MTMBO) (Nike*) (OnePlus*) (OOIEE) (Queens Museum*) (Tigersushi Records/Apollo Noir) (The United Nations) (UMN College of Design) *with Wax Studios

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