(Kellen Renstrom) is (a designer) (sometimes at home) (sometimes at High Tide) (in New York, NY) ()


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(BFA, Graphic Design) from (University of Minnesota, 2018, Minneapolis MN)

(Experience) (Full CV available)

Currently (High Tide, Designer, NYC)
Previously (Wax Studios, Designer, 2019–2021, NYC) (Wax Studios, Design Intern, 2019, NYC) (Huge Inc., Brand Design Intern, 2018, NYC) (Latitude, Design Intern, 2017, Minneapolis) (UMN Health Sciences, Designer, 2016–2018, Minneapolis) (Wake Magazine, Designer, 2015–2018, Minneapolis)
Freelance (Composite Co., 2021) (Actual Source, 2021) (New Information Studio, 2021) (&Walsh, 2019) (Latitude, 2019)

(Clients, Collaborators)

(Asian American Arts Alliance) (Google) (Helena Anrather Gallery) (Matt Olson/OOIEE) (MTMBO) (Nike) (OnePlus) (Queens Museum) (Tigersushi Records) (United Nations) (University of Minnesota)

(Press, Awards, Exhibitions)

(Aperture Fund Photobook of the Year Shortlist, Electronic Lanscapes by Isaac Diggs & Edward Hillel, with Wax Studios, 2021) (TDC67 Certificate of Typographic Excellence, with Wax Studios and Google, 2021) (AIGA 50 Books 50 Covers Dual Awardee, with Wax Studios, 2021) (cargo.site Feature, 2021) ("Work in Progress" UMN GD Show, Goldstein Museum of Design, 2018)

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