(Kellen Renstrom) is (a person) (at home right now) (available for commissions and collaborations)

(Kellen Renstrom) can be contacted via (✎︎ Email) (✈︎ Instagram) (༄︎ Are.na)
(Kellen Renstrom) lives in (♥︎ New York, NY) but is from (❄︎ Saint Paul, MN)
(Kellen Renstrom) graduated (with a BFA in Graphic Design) (from the University of Minnesota) (in 2018)
(Kellen Renstrom) has held (Designer, Wax Studios, current; Intern, 2019) (Intern, Sagmeister & Walsh, 2019) (Freelance Designer, Latitude, 2018–19; Intern, 2017) (Intern, Huge, 2018) (Designer, Wake Magazine, 2016–18; Photographer, 2015–17) (Full CV available)
(Kellen Renstrom) can be seen at (Cargo) (North East) (Behance) (Brutalist Websites) (klikkenthéke) (March 2004
(Kellen Renstrom) is reading (❦︎ The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Tsing) and listening to (♫︎ Shiver by Jónsi)

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All rights reserved (© Kellen Renstrom) (2020)