(Kellen Renstrom) is (a kaleidoscopic designer who occasionally ✲︎ takes pictures and ✂︎ makes objects) (interested in things that ⇝︎ don’t last long or ⟿︎ last forever) reading ❦︎ (The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Tsing) listening to ♫︎ (Shiver by Jónsi)

(Kellen Renstrom) can be contacted via ✎︎ (Email) ✈︎ (Instagram) ༄︎ (Are.na)
(Kellen Renstrom) lives in ♥︎ (New York, NY) but is from ❄︎ (Saint Paul, MN)
(Kellen Renstrom) graduated (with a BFA in Graphic Design) (from the University of Minnesota) (in 2018)
(Kellen Renstrom) has been (a Designer at Wax Studios since 2019 and an Intern before that) (an Intern at Sagmeister & Walsh in 2019) (a Freelance Designer at Latitude in 2019 and an Intern in 2017) (an Intern at Huge in 2018) (in other roles, full CV available)
(Kellen Renstrom) can be seen at (Cargo) (North East) (Behance) (Brutalist Websites) (klikkenthéke) (March 2004

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