Kellen Renstrom

Designer, currently at Wax Studios in New York NY. Focused on editorial, branding, and experiential work in the worlds of art, publishing, and culture. (More info)

OOIEE Landscape Office Website
The History and Future of the Demolition Derby Print
OFALT (Thesis) Object, Print, Installation
WeCoLab Studio Identity, Print, Installation, Website
LIVE! bloom Print
Paper weight Object
Travel Specimen Print
Posters Print, Digital
XX (to you) Print
10 Mia Identity
11 Ulysses Print
12 Photo


Only for a limited time is a series of physical experiments in typographic form, construction, and interpretation. Time-sensitive commercial copy was stripped of any context or “design,” then recontextualized through the manipulation of TIME, MATERIAL, and SPACE.

The resulting artifacts create an atmosphere of empty urgency; built suspense with no pressure release. These processes were documented and evaluated in tandem to understand the relationship between thought and medium as applied to text.

8.5”X11” book, laser print
8.5”X11”/A1 laser prints
Embroidered fabrics, trash bag
1/4” Laser-cut acrylic
4” tattoo
Mixed surface projections
Video/installation, HGA Gallery, UMN

BFA degree project, 2018