(Kellen Renstrom) is (a designer) (at High Tide) (in New York, NY) (Info) ()

(Shoplifters 10: New Type Design Vol. 2) is (a book featuring 156 typefaces by 114 designers plus Special Features) (from 2021) (with Actual Source, CD Davis Ngarupe and JP Haynie) (designers as shown: 1–3. Schick Toikka; 4. Hugues Gentile/Production Type; 5–6. Hrvoje Živčić/Production Type; 7–8. Sebastien Sanfilippo; 9. Piero Di Biase/Formula Type; 10. Zietype; 11. Heejae Yang; 12. Andree Paat/Kirjatehnika; 13–14. Pauline le Pape; 15–16. Benoît Bodhuin; 17. Roxane Gataud)  (View)


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(Electronic Landscapes) is (a techno photo book) (Grommet) is (a blocky display typeface) (Wax Melt) is (a curvy display typeface) (intō) is (a concept wellness brand) (wax.radio) is (an internet radio station) (CHAOS ID) is (an album by Apollo Noir) (Post-Post-Truth) is (streetwear advocacy) (OOIEE: Landscape Office) is (a landscape design website) (MTMBO) is (a London-based artist) (O.F.A.L.T.) is (a thesis project and installation) (WeCoLab Studio) is (an open architecture workshop) (LIVE! bloom) is (a floral surveillance book) (Mia) is (a museum identity redesign) (XX) is (a gay book) (Travel Specimen) is (a francophonic book)