Kellen Renstrom

(...) is a graphic designer in New York, NY. Currently at High Tide; previously at Wax Studios.
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Shoplifters 10: New Type Design Vol. 2

(...) is a book by Actual Source featuring 156 typefaces by 114 type designers.
(...) includes book design with Actual Source in 2021. Creative direction by Davis Ngarupe and JP Haynie. Designers featured include Schick Toikka (1–3) Hugues Gentile/Production Type (4) Hrvoje Živčić/Production Type (5–6) Sebastien Sanfilippo (7–8) Piero Di Biase/Formula Type (9) Zietype (10) Heejae Yang (11) Andree Paat/Kirjatehnika (12) Pauline le Pape (13–14) Benoît Bodhuin (15–16) Roxane Gataud (17).
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