(Kellen Renstrom) is (a designer) (at home right now) (in New York, NY) (looking for freelance and full-time positions) (Info) ()
(Wax Melt) is (a unicase display typeface) (a digital type specimen) (from 2020) (with Wax Studios, CD David Yun and Zak Klauck) (View / Download)

(Wax Studios Utility Belt) is (a limited run of printed nylon belts) (featuring Wax Union and Wax Melt) (supporting CUP’s partnership with the Red Hook Community Justice Center, where students will investigate police accountability and the future of public safety) (from 2020) (with Wax Studios) (Buy at Actual Source)

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(Grommet) is (a blocky display typeface)
(Wax Melt) is (a curvy display typeface)
(wax.radio) is (an internet radio station)
(CHAOS ID) is (an album by Apollo Noir)
(Post-Post-Truth) is (streetwear advocacy)
(Demolition Derby) is (a risograph book)
(OOIEE: Landscape Office) is (a landscape design website)
(MTMBO) is (a London-based artist)
(O.F.A.L.T.) is (a thesis project and installation)
(WeCoLab Studio) is (an open architecture workshop)
(LIVE! bloom) is (a floral surveillance book)
(Mia) is (a museum identity redesign)
(XX) is (a gay book)
(Travel Specimen) is (a francophonic book)