Kellen Renstrom

Designer, currently at Wax Studios in New York NY. Focused on editorial, branding, and experiential work in the worlds of art, publishing, and culture. (More info)

OOIEE Landscape Office Website
The History and Future of the Demolition Derby Print
OFALT (Thesis) Object, Print, Installation
WeCoLab Studio Identity, Print, Installation, Website
LIVE! bloom Print
Paper weight Object
Travel Specimen Print
Posters Print, Digital
XX (to you) Print
10 Mia Identity
11 Ulysses Print
12 Photo


Led by Matt Olson and Boris Oicherman, curator at the Weisman Art Museum, a group of Bachelor of Design+Architecture students founded an open practice of design to assist the artist Daniel McCarthy Clifford in his exhibition space at WAM.

The students designed benches and bookshelves for the gallery space and artist talk and designed the space to fit various events and contents. They also held the first annual ‘Prison Labor Day’ in an act of awareness and extending Clifford’s work. I worked with the studio to create their visual communication, including identity, print publications, websites, and exhibition materials. 

8.5”X11” books, laser print
Studio blog (
PLD website (