(Kellen Renstrom) is (a designer) (at home right now) (virtually at Wax Studios) (in New York, NY) (Info)
(wax.radio) is (an internet radio station) (based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) (sharing the community of Wax Studios) (broadcasting weeknights at 8pm EST) (View)

(Summer reflections) is (an ode to summer from Wax Radio) (reflective ink on white shirt) (from 2020) (Buy)

(brandname™) is (occasional covers for the brandname™ dj set on wax.radio, broadcasting Thursdays at 8pm EST) (from 2020) (Listen)

(brandname™) (Cover art) (2020) (ep. 29: rinse & repeat) (brandname™) (Cover art) (2020) (ep. 29: rinse & repeat) (brandname™) (Cover art) (2020) (ep. 27: nothing, everything) (brandname™) (Cover art) (2020) (ep. 23: WFH)
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